Hey Harvey Weinstein, Tell us About Black Cube

So, Harvey has not been heard from in a while. Hey may still be in rehab and it is now reported that Kevin Spacey is there too….sheesh

The Meadows is an upscale addiction treatment centre located about an hour’s drive out of Phoenix, Arizona. The sprawling facility boasts an outdoor swimming pool, lush grounds and a fitness centre.

Fracking the Saudi Kingdom, Cash Needed to Survive

When the price of oil at the barrel hovers in the range of $50.00, oil rich nations start to see red on the balance sheets due in part to U.S. fracking.

This too is a reason that Russia and Saudi Arabia are making some desperate decisions. While Russia has no intention of altering internal operations with regard to employment and consumption, the Saudi Kingdom has countless moving parts under consideration for a long term survival strategy especially with a rather new leadership in the order of Princes.