Not an Inch of the US is Safe, Consider This…

Equifax hacked, NSA hacked, active shooters, stolen identity, bad legislation being signed by presidents, townhalls being disrupted by activists, leaked classified material, nefarious people roaming Elm Street and violence on college campuses…..not a complete list but even top people in Washington DC are not protected either.

Check this out…


John Kelly’s personal phone has been compromised for months

White House tech support discovered the suspected breach after Kelly turned his phone in to tech support staff this summer.

Active Shooter Education and Detail

Primer: Active Shooter Workshop Participant

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Review of active shooter resources and training
The scope of the Las Vegas shooting this week is disturbing and brings the worry of
copycats. It is a good time to review active shooter or mass violence incident plans
and hold training or drills to run through them. It’s also a good time to re-establish
inter- and cross-jurisdictional partnerships with other responding agencies. Good
interagency cooperation doesn’t happen accidentally.

NSA Data Stolen via Russian Anti-Virus Software


The Department of Homeland Security recently barred federal agencies from using Kaspersky Lab products due to security concerns but has been tight-lipped about what intelligence linked the popular, Moscow-based computer security firm to specific intelligence operations.

Kaspersky Lab denied any knowledge of any role in the attack, but decried “news coverage of unproven claims continu[ing] to perpetuate accusations about the company” in a written statement.

Refugee Proposal to Congress for 2018

Click here to see the report and numbers filed for previous years including locations.



(Reuters) – The United States will admit a maximum of 45,000 refugees during the 2018 fiscal year, President Donald Trump said in a memorandum to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and released by the White House on Friday.

The cap, the lowest in decades, was proposed by the administration in a report to Congress on Wednesday.

Jeff Sessions AG and 3800 Gang Members Charged


Sounds great until one notices there is little or no action in Cook County, Illinois, meaning Chicago.

Going back to 2013:

Chicago is the gang capital of the United States. According to the Chicago Crime Commission, a 2012 Chicago Police Department gang audit found there are more than 600 gang factions in the city, with a minimum combined membership of 70,000. As the number of gangs in the city increase, it’s difficult for gangs to control large areas. Instead, gangs cling to streets. Territory disputes mean increased rivalry and as a result, more shootings.