Natalia Veselnitskaya, Prevezon, Brooklyn, NY and Money Laundering

Natalia Veselnitskaya had clients to defend in New York. Those clients were Denis Katsyv, Alexander Litvak, and Timofey Krit. Natalia had expensive choices in accommodations in New York where the U.S taxpayer paid the bill.

Prevezon Holdings was part of a money laundering prosecution case in Southern District of New York that for the most part was settled in May of 2017. Prevezon is/was owned by Denis Katsyv and has a principal by the name of Timofey Krit. The Prevezon office was located in Brooklyn, New York. The registered agent for Prevezon is Gabriella Volshteyn.

Mosul Liberation, Raqqa Next, A View in History

War is an ugly thing is clearly an understatement.

Then there is Aleppo, Syria.

WashingtonPost: In 1165, Benjamin of Tudela, a medieval Spanish Jewish traveler, approached the city of Mosul on the banks of the Tigris. A visitor, even a thousand years ago, could marvel at its antiquity. “This city, situated on the confines of Persia, is of great extent and very ancient,” he wrote in the chronicle of his journey. He gestured to the adjacent ruins of Nineveh, which had been sacked 15 centuries before his arrival.

Lawsuit Advances on Trump Dossier Case, McCain Testimony

Okay, this cat Aleksej Gubarev who owns a few internet tech companies has launched the lawsuit(s). Seems too that Gubarev is a Russian venture capitalist based out of Cyprus has an operational location in Dallas. His company boasts 75,000 servers across the globe. McCain was sent the 35 Trump dossier and had official conversations about the dossier with officials and passed the dossier to the FBI.