What did Putin Know About Flynn?

U-S lawmakers say there is new evidence that Soviet-era leaders were backing plans for a secret war to be fought by Soviet agents in America during the cold war.

Former agents of the Soviet intelligence service, the K-G-B, say there were plans for sabotage, assassination, and perhaps even the use of small nuclear devices on U-S soil as late as the 1970’s. And you think Moscow is trustworthy? Remember, China and Russia are the lead team now dealing with the North Korea threat.

Germany: G20 Welcome 2 Hell protest


  • G20: Welcome to Hell protest turns violent
  • Police fire water cannon and pepper spray at protesters
  • March called off after clashes
  • Dozens of police injured as riots continue into night
  • Donald Trump is in Hamburg ahead of G20 meeting

Police were fighting running battles with anticapitalists in the streets of Hamburg on Thursday night as protests against the G20 summit turned violent

Masked protesters hurled smoke bombs and glass bottles at police who responded with water cannon.

C’mon White House, NEVER Trust China

Primer: Moscow hired thousands of North Koreans to build the infrastructure for the Sochi Olympics. Russia still uses North Korean slaves for mining and forestry. The North Koreans are hired slaves that have to send their pay checks back the the Kim regime. Not to be outdone, Qatar is doing the same with slaves from the DPRK, as they are hired to build the stadium for the FIFA World Cup Soccer games in 2020.