DoJ, AG Sessions, Effectively Immediately

Read the 2 page memo here.

Sessions ends Obama-era leniency on sentencing, infuriating civil rights groups

FNC: Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Friday that he has told prosecutors to pursue the most serious charges possible against criminal suspects – a stunning reversal of Obama-era policies, and a move that infuriated civil rights groups.

“We will enforce the laws passed by Congress pure and simple,” he said at an awards ceremony in Washington D.C, adding that prosecutors deserved to be “unhandcuffed and not micro-managed from Washington.”

2008, the Russians Hacked Obama’s Campaign Too

Why are we learning this now? It is a dereliction of duty to advise the American electorate, campaign operators and all later political candidates, regardless of the kind of race. Further, should we be blaming Obama on this and did he invite the FBI to investigate? If so, the matters of phishing operations and Russia should have been a clarion call.

Further, why would Obama and Hillary even consider ‘resetting’ relations with Russia? Oh yeah……’cut it out Vladimir’..remember that?

DHS Project New Dawn 1,378 Arrests

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officials are revealing details of a massive anti-gang operation that’s resulted in 1,378 arrests nationwide.

The six week long operation, which began March 26th, targeted violent criminal street gangs in the DC metro area, San Antonio, San Diego, and Newark.

“The primary purpose of the operation was to identify, arrest, and prosecute gang members and associates who threaten our communities,” Thomas Homan, ICE’s Acting Director told reporters.