Russian Information Troops, Others Helping the West

Going back a few years, it is important to understand how the cyber war began and where the Russians are today. While many in the United States laugh about the Russians hacked the Super Bowl and other ridiculous comments, there is a real seriousness that must be considered. So, for those who consider the Russian hacking thing to be ‘fake-news’, consider what the experts in the UK published in 2011.

Govt Workers Gone Rogue under Trump Admin

So, we have rogue Federal employees participating in spying, theft, fraud and encryption…. Just a few examples….

Oh, has the FBI been called in? What about hearings scheduled? Err…Ethics complaints?

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Federal workers turn to secret messaging to oppose Trump policies, nominees

FNC: Some federal employees are gearing up for a cyber-battle against President Trump, and they are creating a hidden messaging system to elude detection.

20 Step Refugee Vetting Process, Nuts…

So, that is the process, allegedly done with extreme scrutiny…ahem. But what about those that come into the United States by other nefarious methods such as sneaking across our borders? They get a pass?

It is the exact time in our country to have this debate and the arguments must include the safety and financial consequences, both of which never are part of the wider discussion.

Tech Companies Filed Amicus Brief, Supports Foreign Workers

Amicus Brief Tech companies This is an employment epidemic across the nation where companies sponsor foreign national for domestic jobs, leaving thousands to train their replacements. We have not addresses how many could be purposely placed for industrial espionage.

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Apple, Google, Microsoft pile in: 97 US tech firms file brief against Trump’s travel ban